It might not look it, but I’ve made a lot of progress on this as-yet-untitled game. I’m hoping to show a few images of whats been single handedly created so far. I’m quite excited for the things to come, and i’m hoping that i’ll have a playable Alpha release by Christmas if not before! (that is, of course, if current life allows me).

Without giving too much away, I was originally creating a small delivery game where the player must pick up packages, load a van, and then take it to a customer. It was also going to have small role-play involved where you must keep your character fed, rested and generally happy. Over time I had planned to do additional updates and include extra features which I had not really come up with yet. But now i’ve scrapped that idea into something a little less niche, and a little more planned out, and it doesn’t affect what I’ve already accomplished!

Shush now, I need to get back to work!